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Nafplio travel guide, find useful information about Nafplion city, Greece. The best travel guide for Nafplio, Nauplio. Tourist guide and tourist information for Nafplio.

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Nafplion was once the capital of Greece and although it is no longer it still has a cosmopolitan ambience. Filled with shops, restaurants, taverns, movie theatres, hotels, bars and cafeterias it has the conveniences of a modern city. And despite of all that it is not a large metropolis with no character but exactly the opposite.  It has traditional buildings and picturesque streets that lead to forgotten places full of history and mystery. Amongst modern buildings you can still see the Byzantine and Venetian architecture that embellish the town. The neoclassical buildings that have been renovated and converted into beautiful hotels give to Nafplio a unique flair.

A walk around the old city and neighborhoods with colorful streets will make you feel the immensity of this city while forms from the past reanimate in front of your eyes. It is a city
full of vibrancy and light, happy children’s voices running carefree in Syntagma square, the town main square which is always full of life either day or night.






Nafplio is a place that seems to have leaped out of the pages of a fairytale and although it is now considered as a contemporary city in Peloponnese it has kept a traditional sensation, a sensation from bygone times. The city of Nafplio has natural beauty and it is filled with archaeological treasures. The beautiful Nafplio is regarded as one of the most famous tourist destinations among the Greeks but also among the tourists because it is very easy to get there by train, bus or car and has many beaches, landscapes, museums and sights and it is a perfect destination that combines everything.

Nafplion has numerous museums and quite a lot of churches built hundreds of years ago that are worth visiting in order to admire the architecture and the wall paintings. One of the most famous churches is Saint Spyridon not only for its 16th century architecture but also because the first governor of the independent Greek nation, Ioannis Capodistrias, was murdered in front of it. The tourist attractions are many and wherever you turn to look you can see traces of the past. The Venetian castle, Palamidi, is famous for the nine hundred ninety nine steps you have to climb in order to reach it.

Surely a difficult ascension but worthy because the view from up there is breath taking and the castle is very beautiful. In the small island across Nafplio, which you can visit by boat, you can see the well known Bourtzi, an old fortress with canons, whereas another well known fortress, located in the old city, is Acronafplia and it is maybe the oldest surviving castle in the city. There are also many archaeological monuments that are important outside the city.

Near the harbor there are many cafeterias from where you can admire the sea and enjoy a cup of coffee. You can also visit one of Nafplio’s beaches and enjoy the sea and the sun. There are two beaches near the town as well as many beach bars that have always music and you can definitely have fun there. Outside the town there are some more beaches that are more secluded. In Nafplio you can also find some amazing
hotels that will make your stay unforgettable.            

The splendor of the monuments, the vibrations of the past and the mystical atmosphere of the city will enchant you. Nafplio’s magic will follow you forever.